Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Giveaway Win for the Vintage Sage!

I am so excited! I've won a giveaway for the Vintage Sage and it's a box of full of mushrooms and toadstools! You're probably thinking, huh? Well take a look here at these wonderful mushrooms created by Wendy at Blue Rock Gourds .

They're like something that Alice would have taken a bite out of in Wonderland! :)

But I promise I won't eat them. Wendy doesn't make JUST mushrooms, she makes all kinds of things out of the gourds they grow! If you checkout her website you can see her collection and she has an Etsy shop so swing on over and say hi! She's just a doll herself. :) Thank you, Wendy!!!


  1. Oh Rue was right! You do have a beautiful blog!!! The pics, the music, the recepies ! I just love it. The time I aloted this morning to do several blog errands, was all spent looking around yours :)
    Thank you.
    (can't wait to make the dream pillow - once I gather all the ingrediants)

  2. Cute!!! they will look great in you house plants!

  3. Oh Alice and Wonderland is so magical, I can see the connection!