Monday, March 30, 2009

Natural Remedy for Migraines/Headaches

In aromatherapy the top five essential oils that help a migraine or headache are peppermint, sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary. I like to blend all five oils to create a magical concoction that I can rub on my temples to relax my nerves and at the same time breathe in the relaxing aroma. Keep in mind, if you have skin sensitivity you may not want to rub directly on your skin. You can drop some of the blended oil in a bath so that it's slightly diluted.

Blend 12 drops of each essential oil and 1 tbsp of unscented massage oil (jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.) in a dark blue or dark brown bottle. Store the bottles of oil away from heat, moisture, and light as this can degrade the oil. Keep the bottles tightly closed when not in use to keep freshness.
Happy relaxing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Little Candle Magic

Candle Rituals have been around for centuries. Do you remember your first candle ritual when you had your birthday? The candles were lit and you were told to close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles. Well, candle spells are very similar. You light the candles, maybe close your eyes while visualizing what you wish for! It is a combination of the need or desire, and the ability to visualize the outcome. You must truly believe and visualize though. Certain colors correspond to certain desires.

I'm going to burn a green candle for prosperity and visualize my life full of abundance, perfect health, financial security and surrounded by loved ones! It's best to do this during the waxing moon (as the moon grows larger, so shall your desire for prosperity).
What do you wish for? ~

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Book of Wisdom

Have you ever thought of starting a book of things you just love and can't forget? Well the Aunt's had a great one in Practical Magic. It was the Book of Shadows (aka a book of their spells). Well why not do one with your special recipes or plants you don't want to forget the names of that are delicately pressed into the pages of the book? I have a book of recipes of lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and bath truffles that I want to keep when I used to make soap as a small side business (at work).

I think it would be wonderful to make one like this....

Oh! Does anyone know where I can get this sweater? I'm dying for one like it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chocolate ~ The Food of Wisdom and Power

~Chocolat ~

"George Rocher..was the young apothecary of the town of Aulus-Les-Bains. It was Anouk's favourite story. Always told in the same words. George was honest, prosperous and trusted by his customers. But George was not content. He felt there should be more to life than dispensing liver oil. In the spring of the Societe Pharmeceutique formed an expedition to Central America to study the medicinal properties of certain natural compounds. George was the expedition's most eager volunteer. But his adventure took a turn he did not expect. One night, he was invited to drink unrefined cacao with a pinch of chilli. The very same drink the ancient Maya used in their sacred ceremonies. The Maya believed cacao held the power to unlock hidden yearnings and reveal destinies. And so it was that George first saw Chitza. Now, George had been raised a good Catholic but in his romance with Chitza he was willing to slightly bend the rules of Christian courtship. The tribal elders tried to warn George about her. She was one of the wanderers. Her people moved with the North Wind from village to village dispensing ancient remedies never settling down. Not a good choice for a bride. George did not heed their warning and for a while, it seemed that he and Chitza might lead a happy life together in France. Alas, the clever North Wind had other plans. One morning, George awoke to discover that Chitza and the little girl Vianne had gone away. Mother and daughter were fated to wander from village to village dispensing ancient cacao remedies travelling with the wind. Just as Chitza's people had done for generations. Just as Chitza's people had done for generations."

So you see, Chocolate IS good for you. :)

And one day I'd like to open a Chocolaterie like Vianne. :)

From my favorite movie and story.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Go Natural for Easter!

This year I am going to try several techniques to dye my eggs and one of them is the natural way! Take a look at these beauties.

Here are the simple instructions:

1. Place the eggs in a single layer in a pan. Add water until the eggs are covered.
2. Add one teaspoon of vinegar.
3. Add the natural dye meaning the natural food you will be using to color the water. Use more dye material for more eggs or for a more intense color.
4. Bring water to a boil.
5. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
6. Let boil until desired color. If you want more intensely colored eggs, temporarily remove the eggs from the liquid. Strain the dye through a coffee filter (unless you want speckled eggs). Cover the eggs with the filtered dye and let them remain in the refrigerator overnight.

Here is just a small list of what kinds of foods you can use for dyes and what colors they will create and what the colors represent!

Lavender (Good luck and happiness):

Small Quantity of Purple Grape Juice, Violet Blossoms, plus 2 tsp Lemon Juice

Blue (Wisdom, patience, piece, calmness, communication)

Canned Blueberries, Red Cabbage Leaves (boiled), Purple Grape Juice

Green (Prosperity...and not just the monetary type!)

Spinach Leaves (boiled)Liquid Chlorophyll

Greenish Yellow (New beginnings, prosperity)

Yellow Delicious Apple Peels (boiled)

Yellow (Friendship, healing, beauty, life light)

Orange or Lemon Peels (boiled)Carrot Tops (boiled)Celery Seed (boiled)Ground Cumin (boiled)Ground Turmeric (boiled)

Brown (Security, friendship, nature)

Strong Coffee, Instant Coffee, Black Walnut Shells (boiled)

Orange (Opportunities, mental alertness, kindness)

Yellow Onion Skins (boiled)

Pink (Self love, friendship, calmness)

Beets, Cranberries or Juice,Raspberries.Red Grape Juice.Juice from Pickled Beets

Red (Courage, strength, passion, joy)

Lots of Red Onions Skins (boiled)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lifting your Spirit with the Lemon!

The lemon has been long known for its healing powers and used in so many different ways from recipes for food we eat to recipes we use for cosmetic healing purposes. In fact, the lemon is so powerful that it was used by the Romans as their cure for all types of poison. It has also been known to heal hiccups and to cure nausea. It's also high in Vitamin C! These are only a few benefits of the wondrous miracle we call lemons! There are so many fun uses for lemon. Let's look at a few. :)


Did you know sniffing or smelling a lemon will naturally lift your spirits? You don't need those anti-depressant pills. You can reach for a lemon, slice it in half and put it up to your nose for that citrusy, refreshing scent!

If you want to fill your little cottage with the scent of fresh lemons try making these gentle inviting natural candles by Martha Stewart.

Lemon Candles

12 Lemons
1 lb Beeswax
Lemon essential oil

1. Cut the lemons lengthwise. Squeeze out as much of the juice as possible without tearing the skin. Hollow out the lemon halves with a melon baller.

2. In a double boiler, heat beeswax until melted, about 180 degrees. Check temperature with a candy thermometer. Turn off the heat, and add lemon oil (about 5-10 drops)

3. Cut 3 inches of wick; tie a knot at one end. Thread the loose end through a wick holder, and pull so the knot is secure under the holder.

4. Dip the wick and holder with wax until coated; this will stiffen and straighten the wick. Press the wick holder into the bottom of the lemon half to affix. Let the wick dry.

5. Pour the wax into the lemon half, and fill to the edge. Use a small paintbrush to coat the rim of the lemon with wax. Let the candle dry for about 4 hours.

Photograph and Instructions courtesy of Martha Stewart

Fresh Fruit Topper

Have you ever tried honeydew with squeezed lemon juice over it? Delish!

As a Refreshing Drink!

Try this refreshing twist on Lemonade!

Ginger Lemonade

2-4 inch piece Ginger, fresh
8 cups Water (boiling)
1/2-1 cup Fresh squeezed Lemon juice* (to taste)
1/3-1 cup Sugar or Honey (to taste)


1. Peel and grate fresh ginger with a fine mesh grater.
2. Squeeze the grated ginger to obtain the juice, discarding the pulp.
3. To the boiling water add the lemon and ginger juice.
4. Turn the temperature to low and allow mixture to steep for 20-30 minutes.
5. Dissolve the sugar/honey into the mixture.

Chill. Serve in your best and beautiful pitcher, garnish with lemon slices. Serve over ice!

As a Beauty Treatment

Make your own natural lemon sugar scrub. This is great for the elbows that are rough.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1 TBS lemon zest (grated)
Mix all and scrub on your body to soften. :)

And most important....

"When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade."

~Dale Carnegie~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Honey - A Natural Cough Syrup

Did you know honey is a natural cough syrup? I made some and used it when I was sick a few weeks ago and it worked wonders! Here's a great recipe that includes lemon as well:

Honey Lemon Cough Syrup

- Over the stove top on very, very low heat put a pint of honey (preferably raw) in a pan. Whatever you do, do not boil the honey as it changes it's medicinal properties).

- In a separate pan take a whole lemon and boil 2-3 minutes until the lemon is softened. The boiling will kill any bacteria that is on the skin.

- Let the lemon cool enough to handle then cut in slices and place in the honey mixture. Let this mixture cook on warm heat for about an hour.

- After an hour, strain the lemon and lemon seeds from the honey. Let cool then bottle in a jar with a lid and store in the refrigerator. This will keep for about 2 months when refrigerated.

About 1/2-1 teaspoon for a child and 1 tablespoon for adults as often as needed.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lavender Lore and a Lavender Recipe!


Legend tells that Adam and Eve took lavender with them when they were banished from the Garden of Eden. You actually may not know the name in the Bible as lavender but as spikenard. In the gospel of Luke the writer reports: "Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment."

Lavender was regarded as a safeguard against evil. A cross of lavender was hung over the door for protection.

Romans used lavender oils for bathing, cooking, and scenting the air.

In Tudor times a maiden would sip lavender dew on Saint Luke's day while murmuring: "St. Luke, St. Luke, be kind to me. In my dreams, let my true love see."

Apline girls tucked lavender under their lover's pillows to turn their thoughts to marriage. Once married, they would use lavender to ensure their husbands' marital passion.

Here in the United States the Quakers were the first to commercialize lavender and produce their own herbs and medicine and sold them to the "outside world".

Lavender, rosemary and lad's love were dried and mixed together in bags to scent linen & act as a moth repellent. Sprigs were included in posies for visitors in England and colonial America.

Women used to throw linen and clothing over bushes to absorb the scent of lavender as they dried. The scent of lavender is known to destress and relax you...and on that note here is a great recipe!

Lavender Linen Spray

2 teaspoons of witch hazel (you can find this any many health food stores)
40 drops of Lavender essential oil
4 ounces of distilled water
Spray bottle

Mix the witch hazel with the essential oil and let sit for a few minutes. Add the water. Shake before each use and spray away!

I am going to make this, this weekend since it is laundry weekend for me! Enjoy the natural qualities of lavender!

And don't forget, plant fresh lavender in your garden for good luck and happiness!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Few Irish Superstitions for Home Remedies

A bunch of mint tied around the wrist is a sure remedy for disorders of the stomach.

A sick persons bed must be placed north and south not cross ways.
Nettles gathered in a churchyard and boiled down for a drink have the power to cure dropsy.

The touch from the hand of a seventh son is said to cure the bite of a mad dog.

An iron ring wore on the fourth finger will ward off rheumatism.

The seed of docks tied to the left hand of a woman will prevent her from being barren.

Drinking boiled down carrot juice will purify the blood.

The clippings of the hair and nails of a child tied up in linen and placed under their bed will cure convulsions.

A bunch of mint tied around the wrist is believed to ward off infection and disease.

To cure a fever, place the person on the shore when the tide is coming in. When the tide begins to go back out, the retreating waves will carry away the disease and the fever.

To make your skin beautiful, wash your face with May dew on May morning (May Day) at sunrise.
I think some of these can actually be true. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Potion with a Twist!

Here is a potion that is sure to attract the mate of your dreams or bring everlasting love to the one you're with. :)

Mix equal parts:

Orange juice
Apple juice
Raspberry juice
Sparkling Water
Twist of Lemon

Take a tall pitcher and pour in all of these elements that are sometimes known as fruits of love. Mix them together and serve to your perfect mate. Sometimes I'll even add a strawberry which also is a fruit of love. If you are already in a relationship and need a little healing from differences, add a sprig of mint. While you're sharing this drink, picture both of you deeply in love and happy. Remember, positive thinking is key here so good luck and may you find that special love!