Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm still alive!

So sorry for not posting for so long. I have been battling with a bout of depression lately. It comes and goes and I'm not sure if it's the weather or a mid-life crisis. Ha! I haven't felt very creative lately or very connected to spirit and I am finding not being connected really does have it's consequences. Ugh.

In any event, I did want to tell you all about a masquerade ball I will be attending next Saturday! It's held every year here in Portland at a beautiful three story ballroom. It's called The Vampire's Masquerade Ball. Take a look at last year's ball. :)

I will be wearing the most beautiful top I haven't been able to wear until now. I'll have to post a picture later.

Hope you're all doing, well, better than me! :)

Beautiful blessings to you all!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A secret desire...

Yes, I do have one as I'm sure we all do. This is mine..and I am thinking one day very soon I will be taking lessons! Have any of you tried belly dancing? Such expression in dancing!

And this is one of my favorite videos depicting the elusive belly dancer...

What is your secret desire?