Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Won Another Giveaway!

I just LOVE seeing boxes sitting in front of my door when I come home and yesterday, one was sitting there...all alone...waiting for me, just me! Yep, I have been a lucky gal lately. I won a giveaway (and I have another coming!). :) I won this giveaway from The Domestic Witch. She is one fun witch, let me tell you. In fact, I'd call her the Martha Stewart of witches! She loves cooking, organizing, decorating, cleaning, anything vintage and she knows how to have fun with her Ya-Ya sisters! Her blog is so fun. In fact, she lists what housekeeping she is doing that day and tells you have to weave magic into everyday chores. Also, she has the most adorable family, especially her sweet little boy, Angelus.

She packaged everything up so sweetly all the way down to the dried flowers on her beautiful stationary. :)

How sweet is this?

Protection bag filled with a snowflake obsidian, moonstone & lapis lazuli and Anubis Rock made from coal. This mix of stones brings balance, protection, serenity and purity into one's life. I just love it!

Then she was sweet enough to throw in this bonus gift, a vintage Household magazine from 1951! I love vintage magazines. It's always so fun to see the ads they published back then. They even have some vintage recipes (that I must try) although there really is no such thing as a vintage seem to span time or should I say they're timeless. :)

Here's the funny part. As I was writing this post and watching the Hallmark Channel at the same time (my favorite channel of all time) this movie was playing. One of my favorites! It's called The Good Witch. It's so enchanting! If you haven't watched it, it replays often on The Hallmark Channel. Anyway, I see a lot of similarities in The Good Witch and The Domestic Witch! :)

Thank you so much Domestic Witch! I know these stones will bring me positive energy! Here's the big question...will they make me as domestic as you? I hope so! ;) If you haven't stopped by, please swing over so she can sprinkle a little magic into your life!



  1. Congratulations on your win! It is always fun to win something. The packaging is beautiful. And yes her blog is great!

  2. Congratulations! Domestic Witch and The Vintage Sage are my two newest favorite blogs. I think I found you both last week. :)

  3. Congrats!!!!

    I'd just love more stones, I can't seem to find a good store for them. There was one where I used to live, but they moved away from the more occult items and stocked more jewelry.

    The Good Witch is on tonight at 8, (Central time, at least... Not sure if they stagger it.) I have it on DVR in case I forget about it.


  4. Awww...congratulations!
    I'm very much into stones, so I'd love that little bag of goodies.

    What a lovely, thoughtful gift!


  5. What a lovely gift. I think the "give away" practice is a wonderful idea. Sometimes I get a calling to craft something for someone I barely know - just because. I think it would be a great practice in fellowship to play "tag" with give aways - just because. Random acts of kindness to nurture bright blessings to others.