Sunday, August 30, 2009

'Tis the Season to Harvest those Magickal Blackberries!

Yesterday my girlfriend and I decided to take her two horses (Ari and Magic) out trail riding. So, we loaded them up, drove to the trails, saddled them up and then it happened. Magic backed up into a rock and sliced his leg! After a few moments of "freaking out" I calmed Magic down (told him to use his own magick to heal himself) while Debbie tended to his poor little injured leg. We stayed there for awhile, making sure the blood stopped and Magic was fine (which we accomplished) and headed home afterwards.

So.....we decided not to lose the whole afternoon and decided to harvest blackberries! Deb has blackberry bushes lining her long driveway and we got our bowls out and started harvesting. :)

The boys even helped us out!

Ari did a great job! Stuck his whole head in the bushes (ouch!). Oh Ari, you need to clean up after yourself! Lol!

Magic was still a bit mad from his wound. If looks could kill!

And look at all the blackberries we harvested! Aren't they so plump and full of life?

I haven't done much with blackberry magick but I did learn a few new things.

Botanical name: Rubus villosus

Deities associated with blackberries: Venus and Brigit

Gender: Female (traditional western Western European magickal gender)

Western element: water

Magickal uses: healing

Magickal substitutions: Rosemary and rose

Ritual uses: Offerings to Venus

I am fairly new in learning the magickal uses of blackberries. If you know of anymore information, please let me know! :)

Now...time to make a blackberry pie or some cobbler! Venus would love that. :)


  1. Oh yum! Aren't they just beautiful! Glad Magic was okay - even if he was a bit moody!

    Blackberries - healing, money, protection - element is water. (According to S.C.)

    They would be lovely in a pie, tart or jam...mmm..I'm getting hungry! Enjoy!

  2. Those Blackberries look so juicy and tasty. Maybe a nice jam. Ari and Magic are lovely horses.

  3. Those are the best looking blackberries I've seen in awhile.

    I love to make blackberry corn muffins...especially for Lammas and Mabon.

    I honestly can't help you out with their magickal powers, as I just don't know.


  4. LOL Poor little horsey.... of course he probably blames you for his injury. I find animals always blame the humans... even if they aren't anywhere near them! GIGGLE

  5. Glad to hear Magic is ok.
    Blackberry season down here is in June ~ I harvested lots (we have several bushes) and now have tons in the freezer. I love blackberry cobbler for Thanksgiving.