Monday, August 10, 2009

Blessed by the Domestic Witch!

I'm so excited! I have been blessed by the Domestic Witch. :)

The Domestic Witch Blog Award!
For Achievement in Magical Housecrafting

If you've been bestowed The Domestic Witch Blog Award:

~ Pass the award on to 3 blogs about Domestic Witchery that you really enjoy.

~ Include the award in your blog post.

~ Link the nominees within your post.

~ Don't forget to mention the person who gave you the award.

~ Let your chosen winners know that they received The Domestic Witch Blog Award by commenting on their blog.

NOW...I bestow this special gift onto....

The Domestic Witch was my very first magickal blog that I followed and I follow to this day! She lives her daily life filled with magick and fun whether it's cooking up something in her cauldron or decorating her magickal home inhabited by her hubby and adorable son! If you haven't visited her yet swing on over and feel the positive energy!! :) Thank you Domestic Witch!!!

I also won my first giveaway for The Vintage Sage and will be posting all about this gal's fun art on my next post!

Stay tuned...and allow the magick of endless possibilities fill your life!

The Vintage Sage


  1. good design and fantastic template, i really like it...

  2. Oh Gosh - I'm honoured! Thanks for the award! I do enjoy your lovely blog!

  3. hey...thanks so much for the award!!!!

  4. WOW!! Thank you Michelle!! How fantastic this is!! I cannot wait to feature it on my blog. Thank you so much for thinking of me; it is an honor!! BLessings!!

  5. woohoo! I look forward to checking out the blogs you've choosen!!