Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spirits Among Us!

So, as you all know our paranormal group had an investigation Friday night. First off, I think you all should know it's never as dramatic as you see on TV. :) Our investigations are usually uneventful until we review all the equipment and find something. However, we did have a few interesting things happen that gave us pause.

To start with, we decided to test all of our psychic abilities and each guessed what color the house would be. Yellow, green, white or grey. I picked grey. When we arrived, we found the house to be grey. :) I have been an understudy to our two active psychics in our group this past year. They each say I have the gift but that I need more confidence in my abilities. Well, everyone has the ability, really. It's just how much you are willing to do to expand those abilities. For me, I can't think long about what comes to me. As quick as it comes, I write it down or tell someone. This past week before the investigation, I had a few impressions come to me. I felt a strong male presence there that is very attached to the lady of the house. A kind spirit...and quite fond of her. I also felt the presence of a little girl, about eight years old, wearing yellow. I also knew there was a dog buried on their property and his spirit wanders as well. I should start off by saying our two psychics could not make it that evening but they gave us their impressions of what they sensed before we went. They informed our team lead and did not tell any of us until after the investigation. In any event, I asked the lady of the house who's dog it was that was buried underneath the Magnolia tree. She said "Oh! That's Maynard, our neighbor's dog". :) Everyone was shocked that I did not hesitate when I pointed towards the direction of the tree. I felt his presence sort of wandering the area. I think I tend to feel the presence of animal spirits before I feel the presence of humans. Go figure. ;) I then asked who the little girl was that was in the house. She said, "Oh the kids talk to her all the time. Her name is Emily." I asked her if she wears a yellow dress, or if the kids notice her wearing a yellow dress. She didn't know but said her daughter's favorite color is yellow. Not sure what the correlation is there. When we were doing our EVP session we asked Emily if she was there. As soon as the question was asked the KII meter blinked three times. Other than that it never went off again. We had several cold spots that the temperature gauge caught....from 50 degrees down to 22 degrees almost immediately. As far as the male spirit goes, the lady of the house stated she would feel her feet being tickled in the middle of the night...or a hand stroking her back in the laundry room. I feel as though this male presence reminds her of someone that he was very close to.

The picture above is just above the train tracks where the accident took place. You can see orbs but orbs are very hard to verify as they can be particles of dust or dust on the lens. However, in my review of my DVR recorder that was setup in the master bedroom (where both me and Jen, another gal in our group felt a lot of activity) I caught a moving orb....that appeared then disappeared as if purposefully. Not just a fading effect either. I also caught some very erratic light movement in the room as well. I'll get the opinion of the others that are in our group when we have our meeting next weekend. :) I haven't reviewed my voice recorder but I'm anxious to see if I caught anything!

As a side note, the psychics also let us know the land was once inhabited by Native Americans. The owner showed us at least ten arrowheads they had found on their property since they have lived there. These arrowheads were amazingly PERFECT in shape.

If anything, our group had tons of fun and it's always the anticipation of something happening that gets us excited.

I will be working on our official website this week and will let you all know when it's up and running. Our group actually has a new name. We are called Paranormal Researchers of Oregon Foundation (P.R.O.O.F.). We will work towards becoming a family member of TAPS. :) Wish us luck!

On another quick side note. I went to the cat shelter this morning (I volunteer every Sunday at a local no kill cat shelter). It's the next best thing to taking home a thousand strays. Lol! See this cute guy here? He came in as a very feral cat, very terrified and would not let anyone touch him. Every time I came in I would talk with him and work with him on a social level. Today, when he saw me he let out a meow and came right up to me to pet him. It made my heart fill with joy. I love it when hard work and love pays off like this...especially when it involves trust.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I was able to relax today and get a few things done around the house. I did, however, break the belt on my vacuum. Dang, what was that huge thing I sucked up. Lol! So, off to Target I went....and spent over $100.00! Why does that always happen when I go to Target?!


  1. I would like to have gone with you. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Wow. Sounds like an amazing experience. I would really enjoy being part of a group like that.

    And that cat is gorgeous! You've made a new friend. :) Think you'll take him home with you?


  3. Oh my goddess, you should have been in my mothers house!! We never figured out why it was haunted, it had been an empty blueberry patch before we built... but haunted it was. You could turn off the tv, and unplug it, but it still kept playing. Plus the basement had a spot in it, that if you stood in that spot.. others in the basement could see your features change into someone else's! Then it didn't help that both my father and mother died in the house.... when my mom died, I could have had the house, but there were too many scary memorys there!!! besides that I had a fantastic childhood there.

  4. I should mention, the only thing we figure out causing it. when my dad bought the lot, it was lower the the one behind us, so he built a long tall stone wall sepreating the propertys... and he, and my Moms younger sister, drove off in the night...and took all the rocks for the wall. from the " Doris Duke Estate". Why he did that, no one knows, but they were all from that giant estate... maybe there were sprits attached to the stones?

  5. What an intriguing evening! And how marvelous that the people living there don't mind sharing the home with its past residents.

    As for your cute furry friend, I'm so happy that you have the patience, and obvious love to be able to bring him past his survival skills of fear and distrust. What a wonderful world you have opened up for him, where he can bask and find pleasures in being held and petted, that he never knew existed. He will adore you forever.

  6. Many bright blessings on your kind heart and wide-reaching spirit! Just look at that sweet furry wee soul! Hopes he finds a forver home very soon! Wish I could join your group -- marvellous stories and sightings! Many thanks for sharing your experiences here!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  7. I LOVE learning about the paranormal!