Monday, February 22, 2010

Nail Polish Magick?

Okay, another one of my weird ideas...but I think the best ideas come from things you create or think of yourself! Nail polish magick! Yes, I'm a frou frou girl and this kind of magick fits me perfectly. :)

I have recently started using nail polish colors as it fits what I am trying to manifest. I don't think I have ever heard of this before but either way, I find it really empowers me on a daily basis whenever I wear a certain color. My girlfriend and I did some energy work Friday evening so I decided to wear silver to remove negative energy and encourage stability. Silver also helps develop psychic abilities and stimulates self-respect.

Okay you can tell me I'm strange now. :)

Oh and you can't see...but I added a few sparkles in my silver polish as a top make it look a little more whimsical. We can all use a little whimsy in our lives, right?

Brightest blessings!

P.S. Thank you all so much who offered their insight on my weird dream! It all makes sense to me now. No wonder I couldn't figure it out myself. There are fears there I haven't faced yet in my life. Thank you all again!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seriously, he was in my dream. Lol!

First off I want to thank all of you who offered to help. I'm just not that great at dream analysis...or should I say I am not confident enough? This one I've had several times in the last week so it must be telling me something.

Okay so it starts out with me inside a large warehouse. There are several people around me who are friends but I don't really recognize them. We all are in agreement that there is a large monster in the last room of this warehouse that one of us has to fight. So, I offer to do it. However, there are several rooms I have to go through before I get to the last room. The only two things I have to arm myself with are a large knife (almost like a machete) and a large rubber shark.

In the first room are tons and tons of cats (go figure) and they each have their own little beds. I'm wondering why they're not afraid. I sense that they are all happy cats with their beds and plenty of food. So, I walk through that room and enter the next. In the next room it's empty. It has several levels to it...rafters, etc. It also has a spiral staircase like the ones that used to be in houses built in the 70's. Sort of all metal. As I walk towards the staircase a waiter passes me by. He doesn't pay attention to me and I'm trying to tell him there's a monster inside! He still ignores me. Then all of a sudden these naked old men come walking down the staircase and their laughing. I'm trying to warn them about the monster and they just laugh at me. One of them steals my knife and I'm dumbstruck that no one is listening. They continue to tease me. Somehow in the end I get the knife back.

I leave that room and enter the last. The last room leads me into catacombs...rock walls, torches that light the catacombs and all of a sudden the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters jumps out and he's very mean. I start hitting him with the knife, not stabbing him, hitting him with the flat side and then slapping him with the rubber shark. I put up a good fight and he runs off the other direction.

And that's where it ended. You know, usually I have some sort of sense about what's going on in my dreams but I am completely stumped with this one. Help! Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dream analysis...and some really weird dreams!

Okay, so the last week or so I have been having the same dream, at least three times. I'm not very good at dream analysis but was wondering if anyone out there is good at it and would care to take a stab at my dream should I post it for you all. You'll just have to promise not to take me away in a straight jacket, okay? Lol!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Egg carton makeover!

So, I have been crafting more lately...than "crafting." I think I'm in a rut and I know why. My "magical" space has not been setup yet. I know it probably shouldn't be important but sometimes it really helps when the atmosphere is just right and my special area is there for me. *sigh* It's my pure laziness. :) One of my resolutions seems to be taking a back seat. However! I am crafting! What do you think of an egg carton made over into a jewelry holder? :) And yes, this was the very same egg carton that held those beautiful eggs down below. :)

I simply did a little paper mache with decorative tissue paper. Punched holes on either end and tied beautiful delicate black ribbon on both sides and dotted the tops of the coned areas with black jewels.
Hmmm....I have another egg carton that will be empty soon.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A different kind of affirmation....

When I boil eggs for the week to bring to work I typically will write a short affirmation each one to get my morning started. Once I read it..I peel the shell away and eat the egg as if I'm absorbing that affirmation into my soul. How's that for different? :) You might even catch a reminder to do something on one of these eggs. Lol!

Sorry for the lack of posts guys! It's been a busy few weeks! Miss you all. I will be by to visit very soon!

Happy Imbolc!