Monday, September 21, 2009

A quick peek into my magical room....

Well, it's a start anyway. :) This used to inhabit a huge queen size canopy bed and it took up most of the space. I rarely have guests that stay overnight for long so I decided to transform it into my magical space!

The kitty cats apparently think it's their new room. Of course, you know I can't say no. :)

My magical board waiting for affirmations to be scribbled all over it.

See my little "Believe" sign? It actually has glitter all over it but you can't really see it in the photo.

This Foo Dog came from Japan. I'm not sure how old it is but it was my father's before he passed away. It kind of makes me feel like dad is protecting me. :)

This is just the beginning. I need to add some wall art now. Also! I was gifted a beautiful award from a lovely gal! I will be posting that on my next post.....with a few facts about me. ;)

Brightest blessings always and Happy Mabon!


  1. I got this artwork site from Wendy over at Athena Academy :
    I really like her silhouette work.

  2. Gorgeous! :) I love this...we should do a "pass along" for folks to share their magical spaces. :)


  3. What a gorgeous room! I miss having a room of my own. This room looks so bright and pleasant. The cats look very "at home". ;)

  4. Oh, I love the twinkle lights - they make everything magical!

    Your tarot table is great too! Thanks for sharing your space - and Happy Mabon!

  5. What a beautiful space! It is so calm and made an awesome work!

    Seems like fall has put us Witches on a decor frenzy LOL!

  6. What a pretty's SO inviting!

  7. Very fun. I actually got rid of my guest bedroom in preference for a craft room. Now I can keep all my bead-work and sewing out until any given project is complete. It's an awesome luxury (let me tell you!)

    Your guest room looks magickal indeed. I'd feel very comfortable sleeping in it.

  8. How lovely!
    I so wish I had a room to call my own! The kitties know this is a special, magical place ~ they always know:)
    I ordered a new set of Tarot cards by Paulina Cassidy. I should be getting them tomorrow, they look lovely.

  9. Beautiful... love the candle holder... Funny but I was thinking of doing the same thing to my extra bedroom... Its a wonderful idea...

  10. we get to see the rest of the space...just lovely...although I'm not Wiccan, I do admire the art and beauty created by those that are...they are also some of the most non-judgemental souls that I know!

    Hope you don't mind my visit here.☺

  11. Ohhh, it looks so soothing. giggle.. and the cats aren't taking it over, they are blessing it for you... giggle....

  12. It is soo foofy and fluffy and soft and pretty... and fluffy!! It is so you...glad you are taking care of yourself!!

  13. it's always nice to have your own magical space!

  14. What a beautiful, calming space! I can see why you love it and are happy with the way it's turning out.

    And that kitty lying on the daybed? GORGEOUS!

    Are one of those cats your familiar?


  15. What a great space. The cats are smart - they are there just taking in all the good energy!
    Reservations for two please - one well meaning but inexperienced witch and one snarky but friendly kitty - any long weekend will do :)

  16. I just won the Kreative Blogger Award and I'm apssing it on to you! Stop by my blog and pick it up, congratulations!