Sunday, September 27, 2009

Out in Nature

Saturday was a beautiful day so my girlfriend and I took her two horses (Ari is the one I ride a lot, seen in the picture) and went for a beautiful trail ride. It was also a special day for me and Ari. We cantered for the first time! I cantered before with the horse I train on but had not with Ari and I had always wondered what it would be like. It was such a high!! We didn't want to stop but we came upon some other riders coming the other direction so...the fun was over. Lol!

Along the way, I decided to gather some elements from nature to make this. :) What do you think?

And of course, here's my little Quincy posing for to my favorite Halloween decoration, the Witches boot. Lol!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm scared of horses...doubt I would let anyone lead me around much less canter!

    That is one fluffy kitty! ;D

    Have a wonderfall evening!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.I think you did a wonderful job. I use the moss that grows on the trees here for the twine.

  3. Wow - Quincy is one divine cat - he looks like royalty!

    Glad you had such a nice ride - love the rustic pentacle!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your ride. Love the penticle :-)

  5. I miss horseback riding!

    Your pentacle is gorgeous. I love the greenery on it.

  6. What a beautiful animal. The ride must have been amazing. Your crafty penticle is inspiring - I'm off to the canal tow path behind my house right now to see what items "speak to me"
    Thanks, :)

  7. I think it is wonderful. I have one that is very similar, for Samhain. It has a sliver crescent moon dangling in the center. I love your blog, btw. It makes me happy! Many bright blessings.

  8. That is a lovely pentacle. You have inspired me to have a go! Thanks you! :)

  9. I ADORE horses!!! I really want to get more involved with them!!

    Please only vote for Ziggy only ONCE or he can get dis-qualified! If you have friends and family that are willing to vote then you can ask them!!

    He made the Top 30 for Week 8! He's on the Main Page of the website!! WOO HOO!!!! I'm trying to get him to #1000 this week :)

    Thank you Thank You for helping!!!

  10. Hey now aren't you the clever one?
    I love that ~ you did a great job.
    Quincy is amazing,what a handsome kitty. Witches boot is cool, where did you get it?

  11. I love your horse photos! I just got the urge to go horseback riding again this weekend. DH won't go w/ me. He's been thrown from his family horses too many times. :P So I will be riding by myself with a rent-a-horse.

    I LOVE your pentacle. Its beautiful. Quincy is a gorgeous kitty. :) Yes, I love that boot too! I love coming to this blog...the music is so peaceful.

    I read your comment on my blog regarding the deposit…I forgot what is was exactly for. Sorry. Can you convo me from Etsy and remind me what it was again and supply me with your email address there as well? I am leaving to make a big wholesale buy in an hour. I hope I get whatever it was that you were looking for. I will invoice you via PayPal for your deposit if its a piece that I don't already have in stock. That way you are protected by PayPal. :)

  12. LOVE your pentacle -- simply beautiful! Can you post how-to-make instructions here please? And Quincy is a gorgeous soul! Just look at that sweetie-pie face! :)

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  13. I think that pentacle is GORGEOUS.

    And your kitty is even more gorgeous. :)