Monday, March 30, 2009

Natural Remedy for Migraines/Headaches

In aromatherapy the top five essential oils that help a migraine or headache are peppermint, sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus and rosemary. I like to blend all five oils to create a magical concoction that I can rub on my temples to relax my nerves and at the same time breathe in the relaxing aroma. Keep in mind, if you have skin sensitivity you may not want to rub directly on your skin. You can drop some of the blended oil in a bath so that it's slightly diluted.

Blend 12 drops of each essential oil and 1 tbsp of unscented massage oil (jojoba oil, olive oil, etc.) in a dark blue or dark brown bottle. Store the bottles of oil away from heat, moisture, and light as this can degrade the oil. Keep the bottles tightly closed when not in use to keep freshness.
Happy relaxing!


  1. I do this with works great!!

  2. Hmmm... great idea. I could make headache sachets and put them in zip baggies in a dark place and keep them around for emergencies.

  3. Thanks for the idea !!!!
    I just always lavender , It give me a peace feeling LOL