Sunday, March 1, 2009

Love Potion with a Twist!

Here is a potion that is sure to attract the mate of your dreams or bring everlasting love to the one you're with. :)

Mix equal parts:

Orange juice
Apple juice
Raspberry juice
Sparkling Water
Twist of Lemon

Take a tall pitcher and pour in all of these elements that are sometimes known as fruits of love. Mix them together and serve to your perfect mate. Sometimes I'll even add a strawberry which also is a fruit of love. If you are already in a relationship and need a little healing from differences, add a sprig of mint. While you're sharing this drink, picture both of you deeply in love and happy. Remember, positive thinking is key here so good luck and may you find that special love!


  1. that drink sounds very yummy!

  2. Hey Heather...thanks! I haven't announced it yet but this is Michelle from Chocolate and Marmalade Tea! This is my alter-ego. Lol! I love the movie Practical Magic so this goes along with finding happiness, finding a little magic and a little fun.

  3. I dunno if it will help my relationship but my tummy will sure thank you for it! lol

  4. We make this all the time in our home. We call them cocktails. We use cranberry juice too.

  5. Oooooh michelle is that your little secret on "you know who" hehehe

  6. Oooohhh Michelle how refreshing! I don't know if it would increase my love for DH? But it WOULD increase my love for this drink! Lol! Vanna