Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Book of Wisdom

Have you ever thought of starting a book of things you just love and can't forget? Well the Aunt's had a great one in Practical Magic. It was the Book of Shadows (aka a book of their spells). Well why not do one with your special recipes or plants you don't want to forget the names of that are delicately pressed into the pages of the book? I have a book of recipes of lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and bath truffles that I want to keep when I used to make soap as a small side business (at work).

I think it would be wonderful to make one like this....

Oh! Does anyone know where I can get this sweater? I'm dying for one like it!


  1. I can't help with the sweater, but it is gorgeous. Amazing book!


  2. Beautiful old book:)
    Did you own that?

  3. I was thinking of doing the very same thig with an old, old leather covered "scrapbook" (really an old 78 album holder-each page holds an actual 78 album) that I found once at a thrift shop~I think it's from the earlier part of the century. I'm going to over the cover each page with another tye of paper, then i can use the sleves to hold what I can't adhere to the outside of the pages...

  4. Great ideas!!! There is also a form of poetry called list poetry. It can be done from any kind of list. However, it is very accessible form of poetry for folks who do not think they kind write poetry and a wonderful addition to that kind of book.

    Question: Tried to sign up to follow your blogs but could not locate the follow button your blog!!! Hugs

  5. Oh I love the idea of the book I should re do one! Google where you saw the sweater!

  6. I love this idea! I'm always tearing things out of magazines and the newspaper, or saving things that cross my path. I just shuffle them around in drawers or boxes, but to put them in a book would be lovely!

  7. I love books like this, my great grandfather would do them, unfortunately most of his got lost over time, which is a crying shame.
    I tend to add things to mine sporadically, great burst of activity at times and then nothing for months. I tend to combine mine with my journal of sorts. Anyway, this post has inspired me again, thanks.
    The sweater I believe was Donna Karan's, there was a skirt with it, it could have been a different designer though, I am slightly hazy on details like that. I just remember spotting it in Vogue after having watched Practical Magic.