Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Samhain Altar - Blessings to all on this Samhain!

Samhain is upon us and if you listen with blessed intent you just might hear an ancestor calling out to you. :)

This is my Samhain altar. I was putting my finishing touches on my altar tonight with pictures of my grandparents and my father in the center. He has been with me all week. He visited me in a dream a few nights ago. We held hands and visited. :) It was a very comforting dream. Also, things have been flying off the shelves this past week. I get this strange feeling I am being visited by Tonight, as I finished my altar I could have sworn I heard drums in the distance. My windows were closed at that moment so I decided to open them so I could hear better. As I opened my window the wind was still, it was raining. I still heard them. All of a sudden the biggest gust of wind kicked up and blew through me and into my altar room. I quickly turned around and noticed the only picture that fell was my fathers. I know he is here with me now. :) I honor all of my ancestors who made me who I am today and welcome them with open arms for a very special visit and maybe even tea. :) What a wonderful feeling!

Few quick notes. The picture of Jesus was in my father's room for as long as I can remember. I kept it after he passed away. :) Also, the citrine cluster and heart-shaped rose quartz are from Hibiscus Moon! I am so happy with them and I am so connected to them already. Thank you Hibiscus! The lighting is a bit dark. Sorry! I also have pictures of my grandparents and pets who have also passed on.

Happy Samhain everyone! Peaceful blessings....


  1. Happy Samhain. Like you, all this week I've had intense dreams. I had a beautiful dream about my father. I woke up feeling a part of my heart was healed. I am very glad he came to visit me.

  2. A Blessed Samhain to you too, and a very Happy Halloween!

    Your Altar looks peaceful, loving, and very personal. I'm sure that all of the spirits whose lives you've touched, are feeling your love extra strongly.

    How wonderful to be gifted with a visit from your Father, and for him to let you know of his presence is such a playful way! I'm sure he wanted to see his girl smiling and laughing.

    Wishing you a New Year filled with that continued love and laughter!


  3. Wishing you a most Blessed Samhain. Peace, love, prosperity, health and much creativity for your New Year

  4. This is a lovely tribute to your loved ones. A Blessed Samhain to you.

  5. A very lovely altar! Enjoy your Samhain, and your time with your father - sounds like he's really making himself known!

  6. Just flying by to wish you a wonderful, witchy Halloween !!!!!
    Great altar you have there. Love the movie.

  7. Have a lovely Samhain! Your altar is beautiful. And it is so wonderful that your father made a visit, how cool.

  8. A blessed and happy Samhain to you! So lovely to hear about your father's visits. May the wheel of the year bring many blessings your way.

  9. Stopping in to wish you a Happy Samhain from Our Scented Cottage!


  10. I hope you had a blessed Samhain. How nice your father could get your attention and let you know he is with you! We negelcted my husbands grandmothers this year by not openly acknowledging them ~ and I think one of them let us know by pranking my husband through the computer. His email address sent out a random link to a pharmaceutical site (inlcuding Viagra!). This email went to various address in his email address book, including the girl scout troup leader, and my daughters history teacher! Definately the kind of prank his grandmother was known for! It went out at 2:30 am when hubby was in bed sound asleep, so... I am guessing it was one of the nannies saying hello.
    How hard it must be for them to catch our attention when we are so encumbered by our day to day "normal" activities.

  11. Such a beautiful altar!
    I'm desperately yearning for some of Hibiscus Moon's of these days I'll have some extra cash lying around. Or not. LOL

    I hope you had a very blessed Samhain...with your dad. :)