Friday, October 30, 2009

My new collection....mermaids

So for some reason I've started collecting mermaids. I mean, I don't know why...I'm terrified of drowning. Hmmm.....well here is my small collection and I'm sure it will grow in time. :)

My newest purchase! I love them....they are just gorgeous!

A picture I bought while back home on a visit. I absolutely adore this.

I've had this statue for years and I can't remember where I bought it. Isn't she pretty?

And my working candle holder I've had for years as well. :)

Sorry for the grainy pics guys. I've done something to a setting on my camera again! I'm so technically challenged. I usually just push buttons until I get it right but tonight I just couldn't figure it out. Lol!

Ready for Samhain?



  1. wow those are beautiful pieces! I specially love the candle holder - can't resist rusty green!

  2. I love the candle holder and statue

  3. The picture is gorgeous. I am loving that candle holder too.

  4. Mermaids! Hummm, send me your address, I have some mermaid christmas tree ornaments you may like. I bought them years ago, and got tons of them.... I can spare sending one to you! giggle

  5. I love the beginnings of your collection! Mermaids are so elusive, fanciful and beautiful! No wonder you are drawn to them!

    I hope that this continues to be an enchanting journey for you!!

  6. they are beautiful... Judith you are so sweet sharing your mermaids...
    Wishing you Samhain blessings for the upcoming weekend

  7. I love it! My favorite is the statue!

    All set for Samhain, have a great one!

  8. Some tales tell of mermaids who would save those that were drowning.
    Of course, then others say that the Sirens coax people into it.
    I love mermaids, too! I even have my own line of artwork I've been slowly amassing since high school!

  9. These are all really lovely! I love the picture!

    Perhaps you are being encouraged to connect with water more...emotions...cleansing...healing, or perhaps just addressing your fear of drowing? Or maybe, you just like mermaids - lol!

    Ask the cards!

  10. I have the card deck and I absolutely love it! So beautiful and calming and all the art work and messages are wonderful! Good luck w/ them! ~amy

  11. I collect mermaids as well! ....and I, too have dreams about drowning (and sharks)! I have a book about "Landlocked Mermaids" which is what I think I am....a mermaid who lives on land! :)...a fun thought! LOVE your collection!

  12. Mermaids are so beautiful...

    I LOVE that candle holder. And the picture? Stunning.

    BTW, I never can figure out my little point and shoot either. Cameras aren't my forte, that's for sure. LOL