Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quincy loves the broom!

I am setting up my "magical" space to do some energy work tomorrow with two of my good friends and as I turned around this is what I saw. Quincy is definitely attached to my broom. Lol! Notice Emma on the other end. :) It's funny, the cats are so relaxed in my space. They seem to act differently, either relaxed or full of playful energy. Do you ever notice how your pets act in sacred space? :)

Hope you're all having a relaxing weekend. I'm going to try to play catch-up with everyone's blogs tomorrow!


Michelle and the kitties


  1. Hi Quincy
    You are looking so
    ~I wish I could cuddle you ....

    Kareltje =^.^=

  2. What a darling Quincy-Kat!!! Just as cute as cute can be!!!

    Thanks so very much for your visit to my blog! It's so sweet of you to add me to your blogroll as well! Your blog is a great place to visit! I have to tell you I love the picture of you and the horse on your sidebar with the caption, "MY LOVE FOR ANIMALS IS ENDLESS!" I feel exactly the same way and you have expressed it so beautifully! Have a day filled with sweet hours! Hugs, Coralie

  3. How beautiful he is!

    My High Priestess's cat joins us in circle as soon as it's cast. It's lovely having his energy there with us. Ritual just wouldn't be the same without him!

  4. Your kitties are true-blue hams for the camera! LOL

    Unfortunately, at the moment, I don't have any pets. Apartment living...blah.


  5. Glad to see your kitties are feeling better! And yes! Even though my Craft (and crafting) space is in a state of flux right now, and on the downside, all 8 of my feline friends seek it out. If you go up the front stairs, you have to go down a hall, and through a room to get to it. There is also a back staircase that leads straight down into the enclosed back porch. If any of the kitties get out there, they head straight up the steps instead of going down to the basement, or even trying to get outside. If I'm upstairs, they are meowing at the door to get into my room. It has three windows, one on each side,but they are small, and the room doesn't get any more sunlight than other rooms, so that isn't the appeal. They will laze about on any surface, including my drawing tables. It just plain feels good. .VERY good in there, and they luxuriate in it.

  6. Merlin is a tapper.... He's got to tap everything with his paw... but not on my alter, he looks but doesn't touch!

  7. Merlin has been attacked by my broom too many times (I swear I was no where near when it happened!) so he give it plenty of space, and stays well away!