Monday, November 23, 2009

Call me the traveling gypsy....cleansing your new home.

And this is how this gypsy!

Do you wanna know why I call myself this? Well, I am moving again! It seems I move every year. Must be the Gemini in me. Lol! Okay, really it's not what you think. I'm still in the same condo complex but I am moving to the townhouse across from me! Lol! I mean literally, the garages are across from each other. I am making this change because I decided I am paying too much for rent right now. The condo I am in is the most desired floor plan and, well, all around the most desired condo in the complex. I LOVE the complex I am in...not sure if I've mentioned that. It's gated, so I feel safe, it's quiet and trees everywhere! So, this is going to sound funny but I am now moving into a three story townhouse which is bigger than the condo I am in but much cheaper. I just won't have as many windows and not as much of a view. That's okay though, I would rather start saving more money for a house in the future. :) I know Quincy and Emma will have tons of room to run now. Two sets of stairs...the first floor is the garage, second is the living room, dining room and kitchen and one bathroom, and the third are the two bedrooms and two more bathrooms.

Here's the thing and the reason I haven't been posting as much lately, besides the cat fiasco. :( I'm cleaning and getting ready for the short move across the street because it all has to happen mid December. Terrible time, I know but they couldn't hold this townhouse longer than 30 days for had to have it. Talk about stressful. A move in between the holidays. Nice going, Michelle. Oh well, I can think of worst things, right?

Also, this time around I'd like to cleanse my new home. I didn't cleanse the place I'm in now but nothing really negative has happened. So, what I'd like to know is how would you cleanse a new home/space? I'm thinking about it now and would really love some feedback on this!

Anyhow, hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Kitties are still doing fine. Mocha is hanging in there, a bit cranky but eating and drinking a lot. I'm not sure if she will be the same kitty after this but she is still with me and, for that, I am happy.



  1. From one frequent mover to another... first, get your salt, and sprinkle it around the walls in every room and every space..(starting at the front door, and ending at the front door. visualizing a cleansing blue flame arising from the salt. It would be great if you have your windows open, but with the colder weather that might not be good. when you have done every wall in every room... then you do your smugging of the sage. and your done. I myself put a crystal on every window sil, and sprinkle bay leaves outside of every door... for extra protection. And if you don't have a sage smuge stick, just buy powdered sage at the grocery store, and burn that in a dish.

  2. I would do a white sage smudge, place a clear quartz crystal in every room, and bury appropriate stones at each corner of your new home.

    Congratulations on your new home!!! :)

  3. I am horrible about planning ahead but I did smudge the house we are living in now with white sage before we moved in and I can honestly say that this home has always had a very calming & happy energy.

  4. OOh I like to do layer clensings!! Smuging always to begin with, gong or bells finishes it, automizer with an herbal mist, cleaning with sacred herbal home cleaners in between and then open all the windows!!

  5. Congrats on the new home!! I bless my home before I move in... Congrats and happy moving!!

  6. We do the white sage as well and I mark my property with sea salt. Once thing that adds fun into the atmosphere of a house is blowing bubbles to clean the air. My daughter follows me around when we come to a room that the bubbles seem to sink to the ground we do some extra energy cleansing and it works. You want floaty suspended or high moving bubbles. Happy moving.

  7. Just passing through but thought I'd stop and say that you've got a great blog! In the past I've always cleansed a space by using white sage as well as placing a crystal in my windows.
    Much Peace.

  8. Congratulations to you on your new home. I use the white sage, salt and crystals. Much happiness in your new home.


  9. I would wash the floors with rosewater or lavender. To give the whole place a new loving vibe and wash out the energy of the previous owners.

  10. glad to be here!

    in my country, the Philippines, we use salt and some other herbs that my grandmothers use...some would look like sage, i suppose...we light candles and brush the wood part of the house (ones without paint) with a certain kind of leaf of a tree called "is-is" that's very much like a scouring pad! it gives the wood a special shine...wonderfully! however, here, in the urban jungle, it's quite a thing of the past...but i love preserving the old...which is why i got to your blogsite...

    thanks much indeed!
    warm hugs from these isles!