Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahhhh...the scent of lavender is in the air!

I've dried my lavender...and today I stored it in a jar for future spell use. Just smelling the aroma gave me a "happy" high!

What have you dried lately? :)


  1. I have dried several of my flowwers this year... especially my roses... they have such a nice fragrence....

  2. Great job on the lavender! It must have taken a while to gather all that lavender and dry it, phew! I have dried out some lavender, as well as some chamomile and thyme. My cats especially liked when I was drying out the thyme; they couldn't get enough it seems as they were 'nom nomming' it down :)

    Blessings :)

  3. Wonderful! I love lavender. I'm drying sage for smudge and I'm going to toss some lavender in it too!

  4. I like the deep color of your lavender; it's much darker than mine. I have been drying sage and making smudge sticks with some of it.

    Be good(ish),

  5. Hi again Dearie! Okay, so I do my smudge two ways: I do a loose smudge - strip the leaves from the dry sage stems and then strip some dry lavender buds from the stems and mix. I roll a bit in my hands and put it in a ceramic bowl, or cauldron, or shell and light it.

    Or - you can also wrap stems of lavender in with your sage if you are doing a smudge stick. (I would only wrap one or two in though) The buds sometimes fall off, but the dried stems have a nice scent too.

    I'm actually saving the stems from the loose sage and lavender smudge to burn in my outdoor fire bowl this Autumn. It will make a wonderful smelling fire!