Thursday, February 18, 2010


Seriously, he was in my dream. Lol!

First off I want to thank all of you who offered to help. I'm just not that great at dream analysis...or should I say I am not confident enough? This one I've had several times in the last week so it must be telling me something.

Okay so it starts out with me inside a large warehouse. There are several people around me who are friends but I don't really recognize them. We all are in agreement that there is a large monster in the last room of this warehouse that one of us has to fight. So, I offer to do it. However, there are several rooms I have to go through before I get to the last room. The only two things I have to arm myself with are a large knife (almost like a machete) and a large rubber shark.

In the first room are tons and tons of cats (go figure) and they each have their own little beds. I'm wondering why they're not afraid. I sense that they are all happy cats with their beds and plenty of food. So, I walk through that room and enter the next. In the next room it's empty. It has several levels to it...rafters, etc. It also has a spiral staircase like the ones that used to be in houses built in the 70's. Sort of all metal. As I walk towards the staircase a waiter passes me by. He doesn't pay attention to me and I'm trying to tell him there's a monster inside! He still ignores me. Then all of a sudden these naked old men come walking down the staircase and their laughing. I'm trying to warn them about the monster and they just laugh at me. One of them steals my knife and I'm dumbstruck that no one is listening. They continue to tease me. Somehow in the end I get the knife back.

I leave that room and enter the last. The last room leads me into catacombs...rock walls, torches that light the catacombs and all of a sudden the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters jumps out and he's very mean. I start hitting him with the knife, not stabbing him, hitting him with the flat side and then slapping him with the rubber shark. I put up a good fight and he runs off the other direction.

And that's where it ended. You know, usually I have some sort of sense about what's going on in my dreams but I am completely stumped with this one. Help! Thank you, thank you!


  1. I think that the general meaning of the dream is that you are afraid of facing something in your life that should not frighten you at all. Whatever it is, you wil get through it unharmed - the idea of a monster being a marshmallow man (something harmless, even cute) is telling you that you have created this monster, so it is your work to get rid of it. Do not give fear any power and it will simply disappear. Hope this makes any sense for you!

  2. I usualy have such vivid and complicated dreams when I'm board in real life! It seems that my brain trys to make up for every day life by giving me excitement in my dreams!

  3. I was going to say pretty much what Carolina said. Sometimes the fears we face are smaller and less threatening than we imagine. The fact that you confronted this "monster" tells me that you are strong enough to overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

    I'd like to think that the happy, contented kitties are a reflection of your very own babies...who happen to be happy, contented kitties. *smiles*

    I cannot help you with the naked old guys..
    *smirks*...and I won't ask!! LOL


  4. Gosh, without knowing the context of your life, this is a toughie. Cats in dreams can be positive or negative, but one thing is that they are usually telling you something about yourself, and not others. Cats can be a symbol of sexuality and femininity but you need to view it in context with the other parts of your dream...and what you are feeling and experiencing in your daily life.

    To see a warehouse in your dream is representative of stored energy and hidden resources. It can also referred to your memories (stored memories). Various rooms are various emotions within yourself. The naked old men could possibly mean that you are or have uncovered some sort of deception in your inner circle. The knife could be a symbol which represents your ability to make a situation work better for you just as a knife will help you to accomplish tasks in real life. Carrying a knife can also mean the betrayal of someone close to you.

    Okay, here is what I suggest...and please, I have studied dreams, but am not a dream therapist so this is only my point of view. I think your dream is about something that happened to you in the past. (Warehouse--stored memories); perhaps something you have not yet faced but now need to in order to move on (rooms--your emotions); it may have been some sort of betrayal or deception by someone close to you (naked old men); perhaps a female friend (cats-femininity) or perhaps a male who treated you badly. Needless to say, again, in my opinion only, the dream is telling you that it is time to face this issue, that it is time to move on.

  5. The passage of time is a huge factor here, it seems. Willingly offering to slay the monster yourself is reminiscent of the invincibility complex we all have growing up. (Also, in volunteering to go into battle for your friends shows great loyalty, but also some stupidity in self-sacrifice for people who are friends in the dream, but you don't actually recognize. Have you been taking care of yourself?) The cat room, again, is the invincibility thing with nine lives backing you up. (Cats are also sacred magickal creatures with links to the Gods. Have you been taking advantage of all of your skills?) The stair room: levels of your psyche. You have so meditation to do. (What's at the top of the staircase?) Who is the waiter waiting on? (You feel ignored when you need something.) What is so funny to the old men?(They have accepted their mortality, hence their nakedness, but recall their youths in you. With their laughter, they are trying to tell you to lighten up. Drop the burdens you take on by yourself and accept when you can't do everything, let alone do it all yourself.) They took your sword, but left you with the rubber fish. (Swords, in tarot's deeper meaning, represent intellect, not action. As for the rubber shark, I'm stumped, too.) The catacombs: seeking out and facing mortality. However, you are non-violent and are for a stern talking to, rather than the death sentence. Or are you simply in it for the chase and let him live to run and face another day? Are you not settling for a reason? Are your demons a source of comfort to you when all is quiet (too quiet)? When all is said and done, it's still the childhood monsters that scare us the most. I don't know if this helped at all. Maybe it only made things more complicated? Good Luck!

  6. Oh my goodness...I have to confess, the rubber shark gave me the giggles.

    I'm terrible at analyzing dreams, but I've gotta tell ya, I'd LOVE to hear the interpretation of this particular dream--machetes, monsters, cats, rubber sharks, naked old men, a waiter...and the Stay Puff Marshmallow man.

    It's a classic, I say! :)