Thursday, January 7, 2010

Magickal uses of Olive Oil

Did you know....

1. Drawing a star with olive oil on the front door of a house is a common home blessing. This act can be part of a larger ritual.

2. High in Vitamin E, olive oil is used in promoting healthy skin growth.

3. Wonderful for dry cuticles.

4. Often used in fertility spells.

5. Often used in healing spells.

6. Lowers your risk of heart disease.

And most of all used in a wonderful, relaxing bubble bath....

Until one feels like this.

Happy Friday!


  1. I love that picture! A truly wonderful way to spend the day when it is so cold.


  2. Haha!

    I wish I felt like that! Pure relaxation, baby. :)

    I love olive oil, but I think I love coconut oil even more.

    Great information!

  3. Very Kewl. How often we forget that magic of what we already have on hand. The magic is already around us!!

  4. Great post! Absolutely love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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