Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Am I really a Witch?

According to some old Elizabethan superstition, if you possess all of these you were considered to be a witch.

Superstition 1 - Witches were able to fly ( this explained how witches could move quickly across impossible distances. A broomstick was then added to the superstition as these became common household articles used by women) - Well, I do clean with a broom (me).

Superstition 2 - A witch was often portrayed as an old crone or hag ( with no man to defend her against accusations of witchcraft) - I don't have a man (yet) and I do feel old these days (me).

Superstition 3 - Witches are closely associated with living alone (house in the wood) - I live alone in a place made of wood (me).

Superstition 4 - Witches were known to keep animals like the Cat, Frog, Pig, Raven, Goat, Wolf, Goose, Crow, Bat and Mouse which were believed to be the forms adopted by a Witches Familiar (an evil spirit, in animal form, who was used by the witch to perform evil deeds and cast malevolent spells) - I do own three cats and you know if I could, I would own every one of these (me).

Superstition 5 - Witches brewed magic potions over a cauldron (Wise women had knowledge of herbs such as mandrake, datura, monkshood, cannabis, belladonna, henbane and hemlock) - And I love cooking and brewing up good food and some include herbs (me).

And last but not least, my very own and I bet you haven't noticed this...I do have a mole on my nose. Fact. :)

EEEEK! I'M A WITCH! I quote Practical Magic....."there's a little witch in all of us". :) Are you one? :)


  1. I tend to overlook moles... I have so many myself :-) I don't have cats or other creatures right now, but they will happen again. I just might be a witch. There have been times my kids... and yes, Frank too.. have sworn that I am a witch :-)

    An enjoyable post.

  2. A Hag is in the eye of the beholder!!! We have brooms of some sort, I cook in a pot (cauldron)and I have special animals!! Guess I am it and so is everyone else!!!

  3. i am such a witch!!!! i even have the real spellbook from the movie 'practical magic'! just go to my blog and click on witch collection in my sidebar. i have all things witchy!

  4. How cute is that! I loved it!

  5. OK, I'm pretty close to all of them.... hummmm flying.... does growing up in the 60's count??? I do remember, slighly, feeling like I was flying! GIGGLE. No moles on me though, at least not where I can see them! giggle

  6. love your little blog..
    Who is the artist of the castle and the cats around the light?

  7. Here's a full-fledged Crone living at Rosemary Cottage with a handmade broom; a black iron cauldron on the hearth; BUT not alone here; with three familiar cats; and there's a pot of soup brewing on the stove! LOL!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage (no warts but a few moles here and there ....)

  8. what a fantastic post. i have been asked if I was a witch before, LOVE using and growing herbs, have red hair and 2 black cats. there is a definite witchy side to me.

    Lisa :)