Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Award and Introducing The Artwork of Marzel

I have waited too long to share my award with everyone! I won my first award for The Vintage Sage from Keke over at In My Sepia Studio! Thank you, Keke! Keke is such a charismatic, artistic, inspiring artist! She's a wonderfully positive thinker and I truly admire her. If I need a little inspiration I just go here. :) Thank you for The Sisterhood Award! Yay me! :)

Now, I'd like to pass this onto one special person who is my alter-ego. She is my "darkness" as I am her "light". We are definitely opposites yet we understand each other so well. I also want to introduce you to her to show you her wonderfully amazing "dark" artwork. It's so funny she just completed this piece of art not long after I saw the musical Wicked. Marzel's work is amazing and if you haven't already seen her blog, go here (the Play of Light and Shadow - the site we share)!! This particular piece of artwork is up on eBay right now. :)

Also, she is my personal graphic artist! She has done the header for my blog Chocolate and Marmalade Tea. Someone who can be so opposite me completely understands the "light" of me. Isn't that great? We both can truly appreciate how opposites can benefit each other.
And just remember....there is no light without dark.


  1. Thats a beautiful piece of art :))))
    Gratulation with your award !!!!

  2. congrats on your award! that is a very interesting piece of art!

  3. Thank you, Misha for the beautiful recognition. It is an honor to be thought of in such a way and I appriciate your mini art promo!! sold!! That makes two awards in one week and I am floored!! Really!! What a Blessing! HUGS!!!

  4. Please take no offense.....just a question...are you a Wiccan?

    You are so in tune with the Earth and other things that I have picked up on.

    I enjoy your take on things..... :) Sheri

  5. Sheri, no I'm not a Wiccan although, I will be honest, I have studied it quite extensively in my past and practiced it as well. :) It was a part of my journey to self discovery and what works for me. I am a little of everything, I'd like to think. I was first a Christian and as my father used to say, never forget that and I never will. These days I pull from a little of everything. I love Buddhism (which my mother was before she became a Christian) and I love being in tune with the Earth because in addition to God (or higher being) I believe our thought process helps steer us in the right direction. :) I still practice "energy work" and meditation. :) Hope I didn't scare you away! I'm always afraid of what people might think. Outside of all that I'm told my other name is Donna Reed. LOL!

  6. Nope you did not scare me at your blogs.
    I was raised Pentecost....too strict for my taste!

    I have a Christian faith but also practice it in my own way.
    Thanks for answering my question :)
    I am forever on a journey in search of new parts of myself......Trailer Trash lately~LOL