Monday, February 23, 2009

Your Magical Space

What would you consider the heart of your home? I'm sure there are many answers to this question but for me it would have to be the kitchen and dining room where I do most of my crafting whether it be cooking, baking, sewing, gluing or anything having to do with creating something! Even so, when you have a gathering in your home where do most of your guests hang out? Around the food, of course! Food is a magnet for gatherings. Moreover, with the economy these days people are finding economical and creative ways of making food at home rather than going out. Since the kitchen is one of the larger places where creation is inherent I think we need to enhance our kitchens with a little magic! Here are some items that can help create that positive energy!

1. Herb Garden - It's often important to have an herb garden at hand. Many herbs correspond to magical intent. Once they are dry, display them in decorative jars! I will get into that a little later and feature it on its own post!

2. Feng Shui - Decorate and rearrange your kitchen according to Feng Shui. Again, I will have a separate post on this a little later.

3. Color - Paint the walls around your kitchen and dining room with happy, comforting colors. Colors are very important when it comes to our mood. Ask any psychologist. ;)

4. Recipes/Cookbooks - Have on hand or start a binder of your special recipes for eating, cleaning and beauty.

5. Spices/Vinegars/Oils - Try to keep a shelf stocked full of these! These always come in handy whether your cooking up a comforting meal or crafting a sachet of spices infused in oils!

6. Decorations! - Decorate your kitchen so it's comforting and homey while you're in the kitchen stirring up your concoctions! A well decorated kitchen or even home lends for a happy home. :)

7. Create the kitchen Goddess in you! - Pretty yourself up with a beautiful vintage apron, leopard print rubber gloves, a broom with a boa wrapped around it. When you look pretty doing housework, you can't help but to create beautiful energy around you!

Now these are just a few things you can do to create your cozy hearth. It just takes a little creativity, a little whimsy and a lot of love. In coming posts I'll address more of these individually with some fun facts, pictures and, perhaps recipes of my own!


  1. I'll be keeping this blog running in my kitchen because it sounds so positive - well done sis!

  2. Hello, that is precisely the reason I like to look my best always.....for me:)))

  3. I love the post! Especially the recipe box, how cool! Great new blog!