Thursday, January 16, 2014

Intention Bottle for the New Year!

So, this is only the second time I've ever done an intention bottle but I feel so good and so powerful making one.   This time around, I had some completely different intentions and I feel really good about it.   I have it sitting on my alter and I blow a kiss of acknowledgement to it everyday I pass by.    Sounds silly but it works for me and that's what matters.

Doing energy work with friends has been much more fulfilling.   Making an evening out of crafting, visiting, drinking, eating, laughing and being merry really makes it all the more special.   How do you prefer to do energy work?

Perseus here is going to look into his magickal (colorful) ball and tell you your future will be bright and prosperous!   Hold onto that thought for the New Year and begin to see it manifest!

Hope you're all having a blessed week!

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