Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hello! It's me. Remember me?

Why hello there!   I thought I decided to stop in and say hello after TWO YEARS.    Yep...that's me, constant, reliable, steady....uh huh.

Okay, first off...I'm so, so sorry I dropped off the face of the earth several years ago.   I think I got a little burned out from blogging and then I really disconnected spiritually during the time I've been gone.   No excuse, but I found it hard to write about things coming from a spiritual mind.   I'm sure you get it.  ;)   Oh and that window down below in my last post.  Yea, it's still the same.  I'm really focusing on getting things completed this year.  I'm not making resolutions...because I think that's the new thing.   No resolutions.  I'm a follower, I admit.  Lol!

Spiritually I have reconnected!    I have two very close friends of mine who have helped me connect and get back into the swing of things.   We've done some energy work together, we volunteer at the shelter together and most importantly, we meet at our favorite Scottish pub here in town and just talk, talk, talk.  It's so therapeutic to get together with the girls and just TALK.  :)

Oh! Oh!  I did accomplish one thing.   I added another cat to the gang.  Hey, it's something.   His name is Habib (means Beloved One in Arabic.)   I brought him home from the shelter I volunteer at but I actually brought him to the shelter two years ago when my girlfriend passed away from cancer.   I brought all five of her cats to the shelter.  Habib was the most feral of them all and after working with him for two years to get him socialized I fell in love with him and he fell in love with me.  *sigh*  Finally, my token black cat. ;)  My little panther.

Oh and one other thing.  Quincy has his own Facebook page.   He has 1200+ followers and going strong. He has more friends than I do.   I'm feeling kinda insecure about it.  ;)   So, if you want to see the so-called reality show of my cats lives, swing on over!   Click on his picture above, and it will take you right on over!

So, with that said, here I come!    Get ready for some more posts!

Hope you all are doing well and wonderful!

Many blessings and always a bright future!


  1. Welcome back. Habib is gorgeous. :)

  2. Welcome back! Habib is a beauty, so glad he was able to be rehabilitated and that you found a place in each others hearts. <3

  3. Yay! Welcome back! Such a delightful surprise to see you come up on my dashboard's blog list. I too have been a bit remiss in blogging. I must try and remedy that this year. Habib is soooo handsome. Happy he's found a great home.
    Blissful tidings...